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Smile analysis

At Dr van der Meulen's Prosthodontist practice, an accurate smile analysis will ensure a beautiful smile is yours to enjoy everyday!

Dr Peter van der Meulen will do a complete dynamic functional evaluation of your smile. Your smile analysis will include esthetic, functional and phonetic parameters. Diagnostic digital photographs will be used to aid the analysis.

Stunningly created white or more natural looking teeth need to be in the correct position and have correct proportions to achieve optimal facial esthetics.

Your lips will then achieve the correct fullness and shape resulting in the visual ageing process being reversed with your smile looking more youthful.

Beautiful smiles, stunning smiles when prosthodontically created, start with the correct diagnosis and analysis.  Remember, tooth and bone loss leads to accelerated aging due to the loss of support of the lips and cheeks.

This facial ageing can be reversed with the correct prosthodontic specialist dental treatment.

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