Recent testimonials 


Thank you very much for the procedure done on me. There is a proven mindset to determine the cause of the dental problem. The problem is handled and where necessary refer to experts before the final procedure is done. Sufficient time is used to explain to the patient what is needed as the process progresses. I underwent a crown procedure, and it was striking how thoroughly the tooth is prepared for crowning. The crowning procedure was all completed with one appointment. The diagnostic examinations, computer generated crown designs are all done in practice with practice electronic equipment and technology which is impressive. Dentistry, like all medical procedures, is expensive and one gets the impression that value is being given to the patient. All the best with your practice

~ J M

Dear Doctor Van der Meulen and your Team,

I have no words to express my emotions for the amazing work done.
Through advanced technology, Passion for details and Creativity, You have made a Masterpiece of Art: a beautiful natural smile !

~ Dr R.D. (Italy)

Dear Dr. Peter,  Dr. Jacques, Pierre and the entire team,


Well done.

I salute you on your sensitive, respectful and empathetic attunement with patients

With clinical and professional perfection

Your scientific approach

Precision and caution during evaluation and treatment.

This was an amazing experience. 

I was quite overwhelmed  and tranerig when I left Dr. Pete’s surgery this morning.

I don’t think the quality of treatment is to be matched easily.

Appreciated, I honour you

Best regards

~ DR A

I am really loving the treatment with Dr van der Meulen. Using the very latest research to apply dentistry to my triathlon career I can’t believe the small changes have had true data improvements. The personal touch, the interest in races and how to apply the science in a daily achievable way had been second to none, thanks team!! 

~ Emma Pallant-Browne

Dear Dr Peter, Dr Beukes and Dr Sotiropoulos and your Teams 


As I may be departing South Africa to work shortly I would just like to thank you for the work you did on my mouth and for your great support during this process. I must say i was worried about the procedure but your expertise, professionalism, and personalities gave me the courage and confidence to undertake the work! I feel so much better now,  more than I had ever expected, in fact I did not realise how much my condition was affecting me before!


I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I look forward to seeing you on my return in a few months!

~ William