Sports Dentistry

Optimal Athletic Performance and Sports Dentistry:


In order to achieve athletic performance excellence, improving sporting results, Strava segment trophies and Strava Segment KOM’s, optimal health is of vital importance. The rigours of intense athletic training programmes place a significant physiological stress on the body.

Optimal general health together with optimal dental health, as part of a holistic athletic training program, is therefore mandatory to achieve improved athletic results and times.

Dr Peter van der Meulen works with his team of dental specialists to provide you with treatment solutions to optimise your pursuit of athletic performance excellence. Specific attention needs to be given to dental infection, inflammation and malocclusion (bite problems) in order to achieve optimal athletic performance.

Having represented South Africa at two world windsurfing championships and currently being a multiple Strava KOM cycling recipient, Dr Peter van der Meulen is ideally qualified and experienced to assist you.

We look forward to meeting you at our High-Performance practice.

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