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Smile design

Smile design, for beautiful crowns and stunning smiles, is a fully interactive patient centered process. You can visualize the possible final result with prosthodontic procedures.

Diagnostic clip-on veneers are constructed by the dental laboratory to exact dimensions given by Dr Peter van der Meulen.

Prosthodontic and team treatment planning to ensure optimal smile creation and beautiful smile esthetics is the key to successful prosthodontic restorations.

These diagnostic clip-on veneers are manufactured from tooth coloured acrylic or tooth coloured composite material.

Your smile, designed optimally, can then be visualized, not only a model or computer but in your own mouth.

Should you so wish, your family and closest friends can then see your designed smile by Dr Peter van der Meulen before treatment is started.

Smile Design and optimal facial esthetics is a precise and sequential step-wise specialized dental process which then provides enhanced patient satisfaction due to optimal dental esthetics and anti-ageing results.

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