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Optimising Facial Esthetics

Dr van der Meulen specialises in the restoration of optimising facial esthetics, which dictates that the teeth and supporting bone and gum need to be replaced in the correct 3D position to ensure adequate lip, cheek and facial dimensions.

Prosthodontist treatment of this nature is highly anti-aging, restoring facial beauty and esthetics. Failure to optimize facial esthetics will, in addition, result in failed dental and smile esthetics.

Correct prosthodontic restoration of facial esthetics will aid in restoring phonetics (speech) and function. You may have lost one or more teeth. You may have been in an accident or have had a sports injury. Worse still, long term tooth loss may have lead to severe bone loss.  You may have noticed that you have grown a moustache or that you smile behind your hand.

Your lips are falling in, getting thinner and applying make-up is becoming more difficult around your mouth. Lip-stick application may be especially difficult as your lips get thinner and thinner.

These are the devastating effects of tooth and associated bone loss. Optimal facial esthetics is lost; the facial and esthetic ageing process is rapidly accelerated.

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