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Guided surgery and prosthodontics

Dr Peter van der Meulen uses Guided Surgery and the associated Prosthodontic aspects of implant treatment, which is a state-of-the-art treatment option. This is a treatment option whereby the 3D guided implant process is driven by diagnostic prosthodontic planning procedures to provide beautiful implant crowns.

Dr van der Meulen and his treating team have been using NobelGuide Guided Surgery and Prosthodontics, including the original “Teeth-in-an-hour” concept for the past 7 years.

Dr Peter van der Meulen will construct diagnostic scanning prostheses to replace missing or failing teeth.  A CT or Cone Beam Scan is then used to determine the 3D amount and position of bone for implant placement.  NobelGuide software programmes then allow for the ideal positioning of the proposed teeth relative to the implants.

The final prosthetic result can then be visualized on the computer before any surgical procedures have been done by the implant surgeon.  A surgical template or guide is constructed which allows the implant surgeon to place the implants extremely accurately and therefore with increased safety into the predetermined positions.

The major advantage from a surgical perspective is that in most instances no surgical incisions are made with a scalpel and therefore no stitching or sutures are necessary after the surgical procedure. This limits the amount of post operative swelling, discomfort, and pain.

From a Prosthodontic perspective the provisional crown or bridge can be pre-made by the laboratory.  Should the I

implants be stable enough at the time of placement, the temporary crown or bridge can be fitted at the time of surgery by the Prosthodontist.

This means that there is the possibility that you could leave the theatre or surgery with your provisional crown or bridge, giving you immediate esthetics and limited function. This procedure is known as immediate temporisation, immediate function or immediate loading.

Dr Peter van der Meulen was part of the the NobelBiocare Global Pre-Launch Team (2004) for the CT Guided Surgical and Prosthodontics NobelGuide concept, a treatment modality in which he continues to provide advanced prosthodontic training internationally.  He has been awarded special recognition for his dedication, professionalism and high quality dental work in the International NobelEsthetics Publication.

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