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Dental imaging

High resolution dental imaging with Dental Cone Beam Computerized Tomographic CBCT radiographs and digital panoramic and digital intra-oral X-rays provide effective dental diagnosis with radiation safe protocols.

Further, SedentexCT and American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMFR), Image Gently and Image Wisely protocols provide for safe child dental imaging and safe adult dental imaging with reduced radiation doses. These safe dental imaging protocols are promoted and advocated.

Dental CBCT provides accurate diagnosis for implant placement, challenging root canal treatment, ongoing TMJs / TMD symptoms and impacted teeth with or without associated root resorption of adjacent teeth. Dental CBCT (high definition) provides accurate dental diagnosis in the above situations.

Dr Peter van der Meulen, in addition to using CBCT 3D imaging for accurate dental diagnosis, lectures and provides clinical training on this state of the art dental imaging technology.

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