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About the practice

Dr Peter van der Meulen's mission is to provide cosmetic dental anti-aging, state-of-the-art crowns and specialist dentistry solutions which is scientifically based. Optimal facial esthetics, all-ceramic cosmetic dentistry, dental function and dental anti-aging are the foundations of these advanced dentistry specialist solutions.

Dr Peter van der Meulen works in close conjunction with registered Maxillo Facial and Oral Surgeons. Specifically, Prof.  Johan Reneke, Dr Wynand van der Linden and Dr Jacques Beukes.  This prosthodontic / orthognathic / implantology relationship forms the basis for optimal facial esthetics where advanced bone grafting, osteogenic distraction or orthognathic procedures are required.

Further highly specialised team-based dental specialist solutions are available for our patients needing implant supported bridges or dentures after cancer and trauma to the upper and lower jaws.  Specialist orthodontic and periodontic referrals compliment this team based approach for optimising smile and facial esthetics.

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