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Post Operative Instructions

1. If you have any concerns regarding your surgery or emergency dental treatment please contact us immediately.
For surgical emergencies please contact the attending surgeon immediately.

Contact details will be on your treatment plan documentation.

2. Should the emergency implant crowns on the removable retainer be uncomfortable, please remove them as discussed before surgery. Again, should you have any concern please contact us immediately.

3. Remove emergency implant crowns and retainer before eating. Gently rinse the retainer and crowns under cold water, shake dry, apply Curasept to fitting surface and refit after eating.

4. Eat only soft food. Nothing harder than fish. Be very careful to avoid hard, chewy, sticky or crunchy foods.

5. Please ensure that you keep post operative surgical and prosthodontic and oral hygiene appointments.

6. Please follow the post operative surgical instructions as provided by your surgeon.

Again, please contact us immediately should you have any questions or concerns.

We wish you a speedy recovery following your surgery.

If you would like to find out more about Post Operative Instructions, please contact us on +27 11 463 1151 or alternatively, book an appointment.